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Example Product 2

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

EMF Radiation-Proof

Blocks over 99.7% of EMF (wireless radiation), 360-degree coverage.

Independently Certified

Tested and certified using IEEE-299 and EN 62209-2 standards.

Naturally Antimicrobial

Pure silver fibers lining helps fight odors and stays fresh 3x longer.

Incredible comfort

Effortlessly safeguard your well-being with premium fit and comfort.

Enjoy free shipping on orders over $200, and free returns on all orders within 30 days of receipt using a hassle-free pre-paid label. US customers only.

Yup. We know. It’s not cheap. So what makes Lambs more expensive than your average big bucks store garment?

#1, the fabric. Our proprietary fabric uses over 40% of silver fibers and cost the same to produce as cashmere. This is not counting the R&D cost in order to make it soft and cozy.

#2, the manufacturing. We care about making the most premium, high-quality clothing on the planet. To ensure this, we partnered with a factory that pays equitable wages, offers fair time-off, and is certified OEKO-TEX – the highest environmental rating. This commitment also means we pay a ~30% premium on manufacturing, a choice we proudly stand by.

#3, the quality-control. You trust us with your long-term health. We take this seriously. That means that we have increased quality control to ensure every production batch is respecting our highest quality standards.

All in, our cost of production is ~10x that of a normal, equivalent piece of clothing. Now, we could (maybe) do it without #2 and #3. But it wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be Lambs. Our commitment? With us, you will always get what you pay for.

110,000+ People Love Their Example Product 2

Shirt with health benefits
"I came across Lambs while doing research into improving my health. I bought a couple of T-shirts and a hat to try it out and I am amazed! Not only has my energy levels improved but my sleep as well. Thank you, Lambs."
Diana K.
Verified Buyer
"A- quality clothes and legitimately life changing. I will be buying multiple of every article of clothing so I don't ever have to wear anything else."
Christian H.
Verified Buyer
The best
"Most comfortable boxers I've ever purchased and worn. Excellent fit and quality and I'm protected from EMFs when using my device in my lap or carrying it in my pocket. Will buy more!"
Ross P.
Verified Buyer
Blocks everything out!
"Lambs quality is by far the best on the market. I tested my shirts and hat, and they both blocked everything out!"
Alan J.
Verified Buyer
"some text"
Verified Buyer

Radiation-Proof Technology


WaveStopper™ Technology

The Example Product 2 features a full coverage of WaveStopper™ Technology, our proprietary radiation-proof fabric-technology for regular garments.

  • Crafted with pure silver fibers, creating a strong shield against EMFs
  • Tested in and certified by leading independent laboratories
  • Guaranteed to block over 99.7% of EMFs, including signals from cellphones, 4G, 5G WiFi, and Bluetooth.
Heatmap which shows significantly less radiation compared to the other image
Heatmap which shows significantly more radiation compared to the other image

360º of complete coverage protection

Our 360º EMF protection effectively repels radiation, ensuring your body is safeguarded - Faraday cage style. This comprehensive shielding is key for adequate protection.

Lambs T-Shirt showing the fabric
Lambs T-Shirt showing the fabric

UV protective

In addition to protecting you from EMF radiation, Lambs clothing is also designed to be UV protective. Our special fabric-technology is certified to be UPF-50+ and blocks 99.5% of harmful UVs (UVAs and UVBs) - which means that it lets 40x less UV reach your skin compared to a normal t-shirt.

A man walking in the desert to illustrate the UV protection.
A man walking in the desert to illustrate the UV protection.
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30-Day Feel Great™ Money-Back Guarantee

At Lambs, we strive to provide top quality products and exceptional customer experience.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Lambs, please reach out to us within 30 days of your purchase and we will make it right.