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SPARTAN becomes Lambs. New name, same technology!

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Radiation-Proof Underwear

Blocks 99% cell phone and wi-fi radiation to protect your privates

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With tech like Lambs, our fears can finally be put to rest
This is particularly important when trying to keep your fertility healthy
For all of us who are concerned about keeping their smartphone in their pocket
For those of you hoping to continue the family name
definitely as comfortable and stylish as ordinary underwear
these boxers have the same advanced technology used in space suits
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360° Wireless-radiation Proof
WaveStopper® is a patented silver-lined fabric that was developed following the same technology as NASA space suits and is certified to block over 99% of cellphone & wifi radiation.
Antimicrobial & Anti-odor
Made of XSoft Cotton® and Silver Flex®, Lambs underwear are naturally and permanently antimicrobial and anti-odor, keeping you cool and fresh until the end of the day.
Breathable & Comfortable
Fresh and breathable fabric to keep you cool, stay-put leg design to prevent riding up, and waistband that won’t roll. Because everyday comfort is just as important as your protection.


Our WaveStopper fabric has been tested by leading international laboratories.

MET Labs, Baltimore, USA
Frequency % of radiation blocked
700 Mhz 99.99%
1 Ghz 99.95%
2 Ghz 99.90%
3 Ghz 99.82%
5 Ghz 99.79%

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What our customers are saying

Zach Sanders
Wrestling Coach - University of Minnesota - 4X NCAA All-American

"With a family full of chiropractors and being a high level Olympic hopeful wrestler I have always had an interest in health and wellness, especially if I feel it can give me an edge over my competition. I became interested in Lambs underwear as a way to protect myself from modern environmental factors such as EMFs."

Ryan Smith
MMSc - Professional Coach - Walton, KY

"As someone with 30 years in the health & wellness industry, I originally chose Lambs for the protection from EMF and cell phone radiation. Once I started wearing Lambs, it became my daily wear, not just for the protection, but because of the comfort whether I am working out or wearing a suit and tie."

Jesse Chappus
Podcaster - Windsor, Ontario - ultimatehealthpodcast.com

“I try and minimize my exposure to EMFs whenever possible but in today’s modern world that only takes me so far. It’s nice to know I have a layer of protection when wearing my Lambs underwear! Helping safeguard my privates is a no-brainer.”

Adrien Lancelot
Key Account Manager - Paris - France

"I've been using Lambs underwear for almost two years. I wear them every day and I can keep my phone in my pocket knowing that I am protected. They are really comfy and feel even softer than my previous regular underwear."

Our patented tech is unique

Inspired by NASA, deployed to our underwear

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With tech like Lambs, our fears can finally be put to rest.