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FDA General Wellness Product
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Faraday T-Shirt 2.0 (Men)

Your best-fitting, daily tee with added health benefits that support your well-being
EMF & UV Blocking
⬆ Blood Circulation




Lambs gives you the edge to perform your best - in the office or on the field. Lined with our proprietary AG+ Silver Ion™ and Cotton blend, expect superior comfort, and state of the art fabric technology proven to boost performance and recovery.

  • Wavestopper™ Blocks 99% UV & Wireless radiation
  • 40% AG+ Silver Ion Fabric Blend promotes blood circulation

Try Lambs for 30 days and feel the difference. If you don’t see an increase in HRV or improved sleep score, it’s on us.

WaveStopper™ Composition: 53% Cotton, 42% Silver, 5% Polyester. Wash on cold and delicate, using your regular detergent. Hang dry - do not place in dryer. Lambs is fit with the first wash in mind.

The only shirt you’ll ever need

A group of bio majors, tech nerds, and health fanatics set out to revolutionize our approach to healthy living. After dozens of prototypes, countless scientific studies, and tireless field testing we achieved a fabric that is not only packed with incredible health benefits, but also impossibly comfortable to wear.

Person wearing Lambs' t-shirt
Person wearing Lambs' t-shirt

High quality craftsmanship that looks and feels great

SmartFit™ silhouette is relaxed in the torso and fitted in the shoulders
Contoured sleeves to create more toned looking arms
Flatlock seam structure for reduced rub and friction
Improved binding tape ensures a crisp fit every time
Constructed with first wash in mind - shrinks to fit perfectly
Upgraded AG+ Fabric blend comprised of over 40% silver

Our Best Tee Yet

PropertyFaraday T-Shirt 1.0Faraday T-Shirt 2.0
Blocks 99% UV & EMF
FDA General Wellness Product
Over 40% silver for increased benefits
Updated design for the perfect fit
Softer and more durable

Optimized for your well-being

The root cause of many long-term diseases is oxidative stress - an imbalance between harmful free radicals and our biology’s ability to surpress them. Lambs lab tested and certified fabric block external stressors from reaching your body in the first place - which turns out to have some incredible benefits. Learn More


By mitigating oxidative stress risks, Lambs helps balance your immune system and fight off infections.

Energy and Recovery

Wearing Lambs is shown to increase HRV, a measure of body recovery & readiness, by an average of 18%.

Better Sleep

62% of Lambs customers reported an increase in sleep quality, measured by sleep trackers like Oura Ring or Whoop.

Improved Cognition

78% of Lambs customers report a boost in cognition (reduced brain fog and headaches), memory, and happiness.

Real, measurable results that make a difference

75% of customers that try Lambs feel noticibly better after just 2 weeks. And they don’t just feel better - when measured using health trackers like Oura Ring or Whoop, customers reported improved heart function, better sleep, and reduced stress.


Reported an increase in sleep score


Reported a boost in cognition


Reported an increase in HRV

Spacesuit-inspired technology

Lambs AG+ SIilver Ion™ Fibers absorb body heat energy and reflect it back to support recovery. The mesh of fibers also act as a shield against external radiation (UV and Wireless) to mitigate the negative impact of oxidative stress. Learn More

Wavestopper Technology™

Silver integration mitigates EMF and UV exposure which aids your body’s natural antioxidant defense

RCVRY+ Technology

AG+ Silver Ion™ woven fibers promote blood circulation, regulate heat, neutralizes sweat and body odor.

SmartFit™ Perfect Fit

After hundreds of iterations, we’ve hand-crafted a silhouette guaranteed to fit and feel great on any body type.

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