Our Mission

We are starting a movement

The mounting scientific research on EMF exposure reveals a range of adverse biological effects, from DNA damage to potential cancer risks. Even as we continue to unravel the full extent of long-term health implications, our exposure is growing exponentially in an increasingly connected world. At Lambs, we're pioneering the future of apparel designed to safeguard our health, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of modern technology and set a path towards a healthier tomorrow.

Making the better choice for our health

We make removing external environmental stressors as easy as putting on clothes in the morning. Just like eating organic foods or drinking filtered water, Lambs is the obvious choice for those who prioritize their health.

It’s all about science

Founded by scientists, we like to nerd out to get to the root of what unbiased science is actually saying. We work hard to educate people about the current scientific landscape on how wireless radiation can impact our health and, furthermore, how Lambs can mitigate those effects and support your health and wellness.

We are optimistic and solution-driven

We believe that technology is amazing and we feel lucky to live in such an advanced world. We exist to create and make accessible the best solutions for our health and wellness. That also means we take great care to make Lambs products the absolute best they can be, on every front.

Extensively tested by some of the world’s top laboratories

In a world riddled by pseudoscience products making dubious claims, we're committed to extensive testing of our technology and products. We have incredibly high standards and always make our test results publicly available.

Better health today, better living tomorrow

We adhere to the saying “an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure”, especially in a world where cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders are so prominent. We develop solutions to make you healthier today for a happier tomorrow.