WaveStopper™ technology

Lambs is the world's first radiation-proof apparel. WaveStopper™ is directly inspired by spacesuit technology and blocks 99% of wireless radiation (cellphone, 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), tested and certified in military-grade laboratories. WaveStopper™ is then woven into the perfect, healthiest garment you'll ever wear: soft, lightweight, breathable, antimicrobial, and UV blocking.

Tested and Certified

WaveStopper™ Technology has been tested and certified by leading international laboratories.

FrequencyRadiation blocked
700 MHz 99.99 %
2.4 GHz 99.98 %
5 GHz 99.95 %
26 GHz 99.92 %
40 GHz 99.86 %

How WaveStopper™ Works

Our technology uses the principle of electromagnetic shielding. Radiation cannot reach an object that is fully covered by a tight conductive grid, as it cannot pass through holes in conductive materials that are smaller than its wavelength (picture elephant trying to pass through the holes of a fence). We seamlessly integrated a close-knit of conductive silver fibers all around our Lambs, which effectively creates an advanced electromagnetic shield to protect your body blocking 99% of wireless radiation.

Heatmap which shows significantly less radiation compared to the other image
Heatmap which shows significantly more radiation compared to the other image

360º silver lining

WaveStopper™ features a full layer of SilverFlex™ fibers. Silver provides the conductivity necessary for WaveStopper™ to be an effective electromagnetic shield. In addition, it brings natural antimicrobial, "stink-free", heat regulating, and hypoallegenic properties to all of Lambs' apparel. SilverFlex™ fibers are toxic-free, do not use any nano-particules, and cannot be scratched off or washed out.
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