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Block 99% of EMF with the world’s first Radiation-Proof Apparel

  • Promotes long-term health
  • Boosts cognition and sleep quality
  • Supports mental clarity and overall well-being
HSA/FSA Eligible
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Lambs has created a superior product that balances certified, independently tested protection with incredible comfort.
Your future children will thank you
These have the same advanced technology used in space suits
For those of you hoping to continue the family name
That’s good news for those who might be worried about their laptops spending too much time on their laps
Blocks most of the radiation from your phone to your most precious parts
This allows men to put their cell phones in their front pocket without worrying about the possible consequences to fertility
[The Faraday boxer's] silver fibers embedded in the fabric protected his genitals from radiation
For all of us who are concerned about keeping their smartphone in their pocket

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"A+ quality clothes and legitimately life changing. I will be buying multiple of every article of clothing so I don't ever have to wear anything else."
Christian H.
Verified Buyer
The best
"Most comfortable boxers I've ever purchased and worn. Excellent fit and quality and I'm protected from EMFs when using my device in my lap or carrying it in my pocket. Will buy more!"
Ross P.
Verified Buyer
Shirt with health benefits
"I came across Lambs while doing research into improving my health. I bought a couple of T-shirts and a hat to try it out and I am amazed! Not only has my energy levels improved but my sleep as well. Thank you, Lambs."
Diana K.
Verified Buyer
Blocks everything out!
"Lambs quality is by far the best on the market. I tested my shirts and hat, and they both blocked everything out!"
Alan J.
Verified Buyer
I am a fan
"My daily routine starts with putting 3 pieces of Faraday clothes, boxer, shirt, and beanie or hat. The benefits are amazing, like good night sleep, keeps mind focused and sharp."
Hailu S.
Verified Buyer
Worth every penny
"I absolutely love the Lambs wear! It is worth every penny. Not only am I protected but the clothes are classy, comfortable and stylish. Thank you for such an amazing product that works wonders!"
Christina R.
Verified Buyer
Improved sleep
"I have noticed an improvement in my sleep over the last 6 weeks since I have been wearing these shirts to bed. I wear an OURA ring for sleep tracking and can see the difference in my data."
Ken B.
Verified Buyer
Mentally Sharp w/ Faraday Cap
"Love the Faraday Cap. Great fit and WOW has it made a difference in the way I feel these days. No more brain fog and I feel sharp mentally. Very grateful."
A R.
Verified Buyer
Great hat!!
"I actually bought the cap for my daughter. And she loves it. She works on a computer all day and she always had headaches. Since she started using this, it is rare that she gets a headache. It definitely does its job."
Ava H.
Verified Buyer
Excellent products
"I bought every product I could get my hands on from Lambs and I can honestly say that the products are worth the investment. Thank you Lambs for the protection for me and my family."
Ryan B.
Verified Buyer
Lambs works!!!
"Lambs has superior products! I instantly noticed the difference. I have tried many EMF-proof products that did NOT work... LAMBS WORKS!!! 👏👏👏"
S. L.
Verified Buyer
I have 6 of these and I love them!
"I love these shirts, cool, protective and just make you feel better when you are around computers / wifi routers etc. all day."
Andrew D.
Verified Buyer
The best thing since sliced bread!
"I noticed the 1st day of wear my brain fog and short term recall improved. I'd been having problems with short term memory. Turns out it must have been EMF because it's gone and hasn't returned."
Ellen G.
Verified Buyer
Wear it everyday
"Love it, wear it everyday. This stuff definitely helps, I haven't felt this good in a decade. Definitely recommend!"
Ryan L.
Verified Buyer
Best boxers I've ever owned!
"Ordered two pairs. The following week, ordered two more. Must haves!"
Aaron S.
Verified Buyer
Stylish protection 24/7
"I love my beanie and rarely take it off... I even sleep in it to protect my brain from high EMFs in the bedroom. Highly recommended!"
Colette A.
Verified Buyer
My favourite shirt
"This is my favourite shirt to wear - it's fashionable (great cut - sharp contours), powerful black, protects against EMF and feels really good on my body. One of the best clothing purchases I have made!"
Elin A.
Verified Buyer
Highly recommended!
"Excellent quality, and definitely gives lots of body protection from EMF. Highly recommended!"
Mary R.
Verified Buyer
Wake up feeling refreshed
"I wake up feeling super refreshed after sleeping in the shirt. My wife made fun of me for ordering it… and then she tried sleeping in it. Now we take turns and I’m gonna get more."
Kyle B.
Verified Buyer
So cute
"Highly recommend. I have no more headaches! I wore it on the plane today (normally get terrible headaches) and I have never felt better!"
Rebecca F.
Verified Buyer
No more dizziness
"Had been dizzy every day for about 1 year. I received the faraday cap and put it on. A few minutes later I realized I was no longer dizzy. One of the best investments I've ever made. Thanks for such a great product."
Larry H.
Verified Buyer
No more headaches!!!!
"VERY, very HIGH quality... I don't ever want to take them off... not even to wash them!"
Jill C.
Verified Buyer
I feel like magento
"I feel like magneto wearing this shirt and I feel as though my internal organs are operating at a higher level."
Forrest S.
Verified Buyer
"Relief! I wish I found you sooner. Thank you for existing. I use both caps everyday."
Suzanne D.
Verified Buyer
Love them
"Already have 7 of them and love them. Good quality and very comfortable"
Verified Buyer
Perfect and amazingly snug
"I feel like a warrior from the future wearing them, thanks guys 😊"
Shaun V.
Verified Buyer
I feel safer
"I feel so much safer with my beanie and cap hats. I use them for sleeping, being around wifi/5G towers and in my electric car. Great material and high quality, for sure."
Natalia D.
Verified Buyer
Great quality underwear
"For $69 they better be good! They are. Live the life of luxury! I would rather buy these than eat out for lunch 3 days a week!"
Verified Buyer
Favorite t-shirt
"I wear this t-shirt around the clock. It regulates the heat so I stay comfortable."
Faye D.
Verified Buyer
Improved cognition
"Definitely has helped with brain fog, I can remember stuff much faster and keep my train of thought much better."
Verified Buyer
Perfect nogging protection
"Perfect nogging protection"
Eve K.
Verified Buyer

Keep The Bad Off Your Goods

EMF radiation from cellphones, 5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth has been scientifically linked to increased risks of cancer, cellular stress, and DNA damage. Enter Lambs radiation-proof clothing:

  • 99% EMF Protection

    Wavestopper™ EMF-blocking fabric technology that supports your long-term health & wellbeing.

  • 360º Pure Silver Lining

    Get peace of mind knowing you are properly shielded from EMF radiation - Faraday cage style.

  • Premium Fit & Comfort

    Soft, breathable, antimicrobial... Experience protective apparel you'll never want to take off.

Discover our tech

Proven Benefits of Wearing Lambs

Promotes long-term health

Reduces your exposure to EMF (wireless radiation) which can affect our body and damage our DNA.

Reduced brain fog

78% of polled Lambs customers report a boost in cognition and mental clarity, as well as a reduction in brain fog and headaches.

Improved well-being

Pre-studies show wearing Lambs can increase HRV, a measure of our body’s recovery & readiness, by an average of 18%.

Better sleep

63% of polled Lambs customers reported an increase in sleep quality.

Backed by Industry Experts

Brett Conrad

“I wear (and advise) Lambs because it is the next generation of apparel for people to live long, healthier, and more fun lives.”

Brett Conrad

Former President of Lululemon

Ben Greenfield

“Lambs is the first apparel that makes you healthier just by wearing it. I wear it on a daily basis, specifically during recovery time. I never travel without it.”

Ben Greenfield

Fitness guru & New York Times bestselling author

Dr Michael Gervais

“Whether you’re an elite performer or just navigating daily life, Lambs apparel actively supports your nervous system and mental clarity. It’s not just clothing; it’s a commitment to optimal well-being in the digital age.”

Dr Michael Gervais

Performance Psychologist to the Sea Hawks, Olympians, and Top Executives

Mark Divine

“Recovery is a crucial part of Navy SEALs’ training. Wearing Lambs on a daily basis enhances my recovery and supports optimal physical health and mental toughness.”

Mark Divine

Navy SEAL Commander, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Founder of SealFit

Dave Asprey

“I’m excited that Lambs has solved the problem of reducing oxidative stress with new technology embedded in my clothing.”

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof Coffee & Father of Biohacking

Independently Tested and Certified

FrequencyRadiation blocked
700 MHz 99.99 %
2.4 GHz 99.98 %
5 GHz 99.95 %
26 GHz 99.92 %
40 GHz 99.86 %

What health organizations are saying about EMF

NTP scientists found that EMF exposure was linked with significant increases in DNA damage.Read the article
Studies have suggested EMF may be linked with brain cancer, lower sperm count, headaches, effects on learning, memory, and sleep.Read the article
EMF exposure could have a major public health impact.Read the article
The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified EMF radiation as a “possible human carcinogen.”Read the article
Exposures are ubiquitous [and] there is rising concern as to whether exposure to EMF radiation emitted by a mobile phone affects human health.Read the article
National Toxicology ProgramU.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Safeguard your future

Scientific research shows that EMF exposure can lead to adverse biological effects, ranging from DNA damage to potential cancer risks.

While we are still discovering the full impact on long-term health, our exposure to EMFs is rapidly increasing in our interconnected world.

Lambs is pioneering the future of apparel that safeguards our health. Welcome to a world where we can enjoy modern technology’s benefits while keeping our body protected.

A midle aged fit couple standing in the kitchen in front of a laptop

30-Day Feel Great™ Money-Back Guarantee

At Lambs, we strive to provide top quality products and exceptional customer experience.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Lambs, please reach out to us within 30 days of your purchase and we will make it right.