Women's Underwear

Because men's privates is not the only part of the body Lambs wants to protect, we are already working on new products lines. This new product will be available in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Women's Underwear

Women's Underwear


Our Wavestopper Technology

Electromagnetic radiation cannot pass through holes in conductive material which are smaller than their wavelength. This way, it is possible to shield an object from EMF by surrounding it with a conductive wire-mesh like our Wavestopper Technology.

When encountering this electromagnetic shield, the radiation induces a displacement of electrons inside the conductive material, which causes, in return, the radiation to be reflected to the outside instead of going inside the shielding.

We used this scientific fact to make our Wavestopper fabric : the silver lining acts as a wire-mesh and shield what’s inside from EMF. This technology was certified by the same laboratory that certifies NASA spacesuits : the test results state that our fabric blocks 99% of microwaves, which includes wifi radiation, bluetooth, and cellphone radiation.

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