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The Snapback Glove hangs conveniently from your belt so it’s accessible when you need it to pick something up, open a door, sign a receipt, etc. Then it snaps back when you’re done.
  • XSoft silver outer fabric to prevent virus or microbe accumulation on the glove
  • Smart patented design for optimized use
  • One size fits all
  • Composition: 70% XSoft silver, 30% modal
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Machine washable

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Made in Los Angeles

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All glove sales are final due to COVID-19.
Feeding America

For every purchase you make, Lambs will donate 5 meals to Feeding America. Learn more.

Touch-free. Bacteria-free.

This patented Snapback Glove is made with our proprietary WaveStopper fabric with 70% SilverFlex fibers. Silver has antiviral and antimicrobial properties that help keeping the outside of the glove clean and limit the transmission of virus or bacteria from surface to surface.

The Snapback Glove is a superior alternative to plastic or other gloves in staying safe and keeping our communities healthy.

Smart Patented Design

  • Clip and retractable reels for easy attachment to the belt and automatic snap back
  • Thumb hole for optimal grip and object manipulation
  • Entry hole and orientation optimized for no-touch hand slip-on
  • Silver outer fabric to prevent virus or microbe accumulation on the glove
  • One size fits all
  • Detachable from reel and machine washable
Perfect for grocery stores, gas stations, elevators, shared transportation and all public places.

Eco-friendly and made in the US

The Snapback Glove is reusable indefinitely and avoids using wasteful plastic gloves. They are made in the US in our Los Angeles factory in order to support our communities during these difficult times.

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Feeding America®

Feeding America®

5 meals donated for every purchase you make.