Faraday Trunks - $45

Faraday Trunks - $45
Faraday Trunks - $45
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42 - 44

Faraday Cage Underwear

•  99% radiation blocked

•  Anti-bacterial & anti-odor

•  53% cotton, 42% silver, 5% nylon

•  Hypoallergenic

•  Machine washable

•  Doesn’t ring at security

How we get you covered from EMF

When encountering conductive material, electromagnetic radiation cannot pass through holes that are smaller than its wavelength.

Our tightly-woven mesh of silver fibers (conductive fibers) creates an electromagnetic shield. When EMF encounters this electromagnetic shield, the radiation induces a displacement of electrons inside the conductive material, which reflects off of the shield.  Thus your privates are totally safe from EMF!

Perfect fit & design

Our design combines high-tech clothing with the comfort of everyday basics. We particularly crafted the seams for a natural fit, resembling a second skin.

With the help of top designers, fashion houses, and our clients, we created the perfect fit.

The result is simple: we have created the perfect fit.