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Wireless Radiation-Proof
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Faraday™ Boxer Briefs

Protect your groin from cell phone radiation. Silver-fiber technology that blocks over 99.7% of EMF to safeguard your testosterone, fertility, and long-term health.




In an ever-connected world, it's essential to think about protecting sensitive areas from EMFs. That’s why we created the Faraday™ Boxer Briefs with WaveStopper™ fabric to block over 99.7% of EMF radiation. The World Health Organization, NIH, and CDC have warned that EMFs can significantly reduce testosterone levels, impact sperm count, and increase risks of DNA damage and cancer. Our Boxer Briefs are an easy-to-wear solution aimed at safeguarding your fertility and promoting long-term health.

The Faraday™ Boxer Briefs are super soft and perfect for everyday wear. The inner 360º silver lining protects you from 99% of exposure to wireless radiation. Soft, lightweight, breathable, antibacterial, and anti-odor, the Faraday™ boxers integrate the ultimate protection without sacrificing on comfort.

  • Blocks 99% of wireless radiation (3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
  • Antimicrobial & anti-odor
  • Breathable
  • No-roll waist band
  • Vertical fly
  • Machine-washable

WaveStopper™ Composition: 53% Cotton, 42% Silver, 5% Polyester. Wash on cold and delicate, using your regular detergent. Hang dry - do not place in dryer. Lambs is fit with the first wash in mind.

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Yup. We know. It’s not cheap. So what makes Lambs more expensive than your average big bucks store garment?

#1, the fabric. Our proprietary fabric uses over 40% of silver fibers and cost the same to produce as cashmere. This is not counting the R&D cost in order to make it soft and cozy.

#2, the manufacturing. We care about making the most premium, high-quality clothing on the planet. That means we partnered with a factory that pays equitable wages, fair time-off, and who is certified OEKO-TEX - then highest environmental rating. That means that we pay a ~30% premium on manufacturing - and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

#3, the quality-control. You trust us with your long-term health. We take this seriously. That means that we have increased quality control to ensure every production batch is respecting our highest quality standards.

All in, our cost of production is ~10x that of a normal, equivalent piece of clothing. Now, we could (maybe) do it without #2 and #3 to shave a few dollars off. But it wouldn’t be right. It wouldn’t be Lambs. Our commitment? With us, you will always get what you pay for.

WaveStopper™ Technology

WaveStopper™ is the world’s first radiation-proof fabric technology for regular garments. WaveStopper™ uses a proprietary concept that includes a tight mesh of SilverFlex™ fibers carefully woven to create an electromagnetic shield. The conductivity of SilverFlex™ mesh cancels out the magnetic field of EMFs and as a result reflects the radiation outside the garment. WaveStopper™ is tested in military-grade laboratories and certified to be blocking over 99% of EMFs including cellphone, 4G, 5G WiFi, and Bluetooth radiation.

Close up photo of our fabric showing the silver threads.
Close up photo of our fabric showing the silver threads.

Antibacterial and “stink-free”

Lambs' Faraday™ line has been created with the active person in mind. Bacteria are the origin of sweat odors, so we have designed Lambs to be antibacterial. The X-Soft™ Silver fibers tackle bacteria at the molecular level by destroying their cellular structures and preventing them from developing, multiplying and creating odors. Wearing Lambs is not only protecting your health, but is also optimally hygienic.

Close up of the fabric with a red light to illustrate the antibacterial property.
Close up of the fabric with a red light to illustrate the antibacterial property.

Extremely soft fabric for optimal comfort

Technological apparel that truly feels amazing to wear. WaveStopper™ fabric uses X-Soft™ Silver fiber in combination with model. The mix is incredibly breathable, it allows sweat and moisture to be quickly released, and is 50% more absorbent than cotton. This combination makes Lambs incredibly soft, dry and comfortable all day.

Two hands stratching the fabric to illustrate how soft and flexible the fabric is.
Two hands stratching the fabric to illustrate how soft and flexible the fabric is.

Heat regulating technology

Lambs' Faraday™ line was thoughtfully designed to bring you the best temperature regulation possible. It will keep you cool in the midst of high activity, and warm otherwise. The powerful heat-regulation properties of Silver Flex Fibers combined with breathable X-Soft™ Cotton work together to limit formation of hot spots on your body such as below your armpits. The Faraday™ line keeps you at the ideal temperature.

A man in our black long sleeve
A man in our black long sleeve

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