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The Summoner, League of Legends’ most advanced tee ever created

The Summoner, featuring Lambs’ proprietary WaveStopper technology, is the most technically advanced performance gaming shirt, designed for amazing players. Comprised of XSoft Silver Fibers, this special fabric keep the bad of your goods with in-built radiation-proof, odor-proof, and heat diffusing technology. As a long-sleeves specially designed for amazing League players, The Summoner is customized with your rank and gamertag.


Built to help you focus on what matters: your game

With the summoner, we wanted to enable you to focus 100% on what matters: your game. That is why the Summoner keeps the bad of your goods. The bad? The Summoner’s technology protects you from: Odor & bacterias, Wireless Radiation, Heat hotspots and Sweat accumulation



The Summoner is the first apparel designed and tailored exclusively for gamers. We have synched our staple EMF-Blocking technology, tested in military-grade laboratories and proven to block 99% of wireless radiation, with optimal performance properties to create the Summoner: breathable, frictionless, heat-regulating, antimicrobial, and radiation-proof.


Our technology uses the principle of electromagnetic shielding. Radiation cannot reach an object that is fully covered by a tight conductive grid, as it cannot pass through holes in conductive materials that are smaller than its wavelength (picture elephant trying to pass through the holes of a fence). We seamlessly integrated a close-knit of conductive silver fibers all around our Jersey and created an advanced electromagnetic shield to protect your body blocking 99% of wireless radiation.


Stay fresh and focus

The Summoner is a performance long-sleeve designed for gamers spending hours a day honing their craft. Each Lambs Ultimate T-shirt is embedded with a full layer of X-Soft Silver Fibers. We chose silver because it is one of the most conductive materials known to earth. It is a noble metal – like gold or platinum – that has been used for thousands of years for medicine and tissue healing. While each fiber is smooth, flat and soft to the touch, the silver cannot be scratched off or washed out. It is toxic-free and hypoallergenic. The Summoner is not only hygienic but also a huge confidence booster.


Stay cool during the game

The Summoner Performance Jersey was thoughtfully designed to bring you the best temperature regulation. It will keep you cool in the midst of high activity and warm otherwise. The powerful heat-regulation properties of X-Soft Silver Fibers combined with breathable modal, work together to maintain you at the ideal temperature. This then limits the formation of hot spots on your body such as below your armpits.


Stay Fresh and Focus

The Summoner is breathable and also hydrophilic, meaning that it will soak up the sweat on its surface and allow it to evaporate quickly, so you stay comfortable and dry. Its soft, silky, and weightless (4.7 oz) fabric makes it the ideal essential for all-day wear.

Tested and Certified

Our Wavestopper Technology has been tested and certified by leading international laboratories

MET Labs, Baltimore, USA

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Download the report
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