Father’s Day Gifts That Make Sure Dad Stays Healthy

Father's Day is just around the corner, and this year will be a challenging one. Even though you've likely been buying gifts online for years, this year it's more necessary than ever. It's also possible that you've run out of ideas for the father in your life, especially if they're the type to say something like "health and happiness are all I really want." Like, okay, Dad! But, that line should get you thinking, actually. After all, staying healthy is the best gift of all — especially in a climate like this.

That said, gifts should also be fun. It's possible to be healthy without being too much of a drag. For example, it's hard to gift a guy a fruit bouquet or healthy meal kit if it's something he's not going to eat. Health is much more than nutrition. Mental and physical health are also very important to focus on.

Here are a few gifts that circulate around healthy living. Remember — a fit and lively dad is often a happier dad.

Lambs Boxer Briefs, Lambs ($45)

Lambs Boxer Briefs

Buying a guy a pair of underwear for Father's Day? Well, it's one way to guarantee that he'll use your gift. Lambs are special since they block cell phone and WiFi radiation. If you're looking to add to your family but happen to be suffering from a fertility roadblock, these might actually help you out. Researchers have cited that "many in vivo and in vitro studies have revealed that EMF exposure can alter cellular homeostasis, endocrine function, reproductive function, and fetal development in animal systems." So, they're definitely worth a shot. But aside from blocking EMF and radiation from your body, they're also a great, comfy pair of underwear. If you want to give Dad the gift that just keeps on giving, get him the subscription for $99 (get three new pairs every three months). Also, if briefs aren’t Dad’s style, Lambs also offers trunks which are just as comfy (and radiation-proof).

Create Your Own Reel Viewer, UncommonGoods ($14.95 - $29.95)

This nostalgic gift will remind him of his childhood while remaining focused on his own child. This present from UncommonGoods includes a redemption code that'll help you create your own reel. You can add photos of the first time your husband met your child, their first steps, or any beautiful memory you want. This is a great keepsake for later, and a wonderful way to celebrate his day. Plus, if he's ever feeling sad or needs a mental boost, looking back at fond memories will be a great way to perk him up.

HidrateSpark 3 Smart Water Bottle, HidrateSpark ($59.95)

Water bottles always make excellent gifts. The father in question might be a runner, or maybe he just enjoys long, sunny days at the beach. That said, this water bottle is extra special. It's a smart water bottle that actually tracks your consumption, which will help guarantee that the father in your life will be hydrated all day. It also comes in six colors.

EMF-Proof Beanie, Lambs ($49)

Lambs Beanie

Wireless radiation doesn't just potentially interfere with your ability to procreate. This fashionable beanie contains a conductive wire-mesh that helps keep the bad stuff out. And, it even comes with an awesome backstory. The EMF technology inside this particular beanie was actually certified in the same lab that certifies NASA spacesuits.

Android Smart Ring, Amazon ($25.99)

Remember when smartwatches were all the rage? Well, now there's such a thing as smart rings. While a lot of the technology is still developing, a company called Leagway, who also make phone cases, has created an inexpensive version that's gotten a lot of good reviews so far. So, what can it do? For one, it can help promote healthy circulation. This particular model is both water-proof and fall-proof. It's a great starter if he's curious about whether or not a smart ring will fit his active lifestyle.

The Faraday T-Shirt, Lambs ($68)

These shirts are on pre-order, but even if they don't arrive right before Father's Day, it's something you'll want to jump on. One of the biggest things that men should be concerned about is sun exposure. Skin cancer is so easy to get, and men often forget to lather up with SPF before heading outside. This shirt, which can be worn anytime, will help give you a little peace of mind. Aside from being breathable and radiation-proof, it also blocks UV light.

Brickell Men's Product Kit, Brickell (prices vary)

On the topic of skin, does your favorite father take care of his? It's hard for men to develop a good skincare routine that'll leave them feeling pampered and fresh. Brickell offers a variety of great men's products that your guy can try. From anti-aging to eye cream, this kit — which can be a subscription — might change his life.