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Radiation-Proof Apparel

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360° Protection
WaveStopper is a patented silver-lined fabric that was developed using the same technology as NASA space suits. It’s certified to block over 99% of cellphone & Wi-Fi radiation.
Antimicrobial & Anti-odor
Made of XSoft Cotton and Silver Flex, Lambs products are naturally and permanently antimicrobial and anti-odor, keeping you cool and fresh all day.
Breathable & Comfortable
Fresh, breathable fabric keeps you cool—at Lambs, everyday comfort is just as important as protection.


Tested and certified by leading international laboratories

MET Labs, Baltimore, USA
Frequency% of radiation blocked
700 Mhz99.99%
1 Ghz99.95%
2 Ghz99.90%
3 Ghz99.82%
5 Ghz99.79%

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What our customers are saying

Zach Sanders
Zach Sanders
Pro Wrestler - 4X NCAA All-American

“With a family full of chiropractors and being a high level Olympic hopeful wrestler I have always had an interest in health and wellness, especially if I feel it can give me an edge over my competition. I became interested in Lambs underwear as a way to protect myself from modern environmental factors such as EMFs.”

Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
Health Coach - Walton, KY

“As someone with 30 years in the health & wellness industry, I originally chose Lambs for the protection from EMF and cell phone radiation. Once I started wearing Lambs, it became my daily wear, not just for the protection, but because of the comfort whether I am working out or wearing a suit and tie.”

Jesse Chappus
Jesse Chappus
Podcaster - Windsor, Ontario -

“I try and minimize my exposure to EMFs whenever possible but in today’s modern world that only takes me so far. It’s nice to know I have a layer of protection when wearing my Lambs underwear! Helping safeguard my privates is a no-brainer.”

Adrien Lancelot
Adrien Lancelot
Key Account Manager - Paris - France

“I've been using Lambs underwear for almost two years. I wear them every day and I can keep my phone in my pocket knowing that I am protected. They are really comfy and feel even softer than my previous regular underwear.”

Mens Health
The Verge