Silver-lined Protective Essentials

At Lambs our goal, from the beginning, has been to provide effortless protection. With Covid-19 spreading fast worldwide, we continue our mission by providing protective apparel and do what we can to help flatten the curve.

We are answering the call from the City of Los Angeles to make masks in our LA factory for essential workers who desperately need them. Furthermore we developed an innovative and eco-friendly way to safely touch surfaces and avoid spreading viruses and germs with our new snapback glove.

As you know, medical supplies are currently in shortage, especially masks. To ensure medical grade masks can be available to healthcare workers directly in contact with the virus, we need a lot of protective masks for all the other brave workers doing essential work at the forefront.

With Lambs, we are in a unique position where our cutting edge technology we use everyday to manufacture our products could actually make a difference on the effectiveness of protective non-medical masks. Our proprietary fabric uses silver fibers, which has the added benefit of being antiviral and should help contribute to less person-to-person virus transmission.

For this reason, we are answering the call of the City of Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti with LA Protects, an initiative to organize local manufacturers to make five million non-medical masks. We will use our facilities and cutting-edge technology to make masks in our LA factory, following the designs developed by Kaiser Permanente and using our proprietary fabric and technology.

In addition to this, to help protect our Lambs family and our communities, we are also selling masks here on our website. You can pick some up for yourself or donate to those in need. We are selling the masks at cost for essential workers and are matching every donation you make.

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Stay safe and healthy,
The Lambs Team

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