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It all started around a dinner with friends. Once seated, all the men had the reflex of putting their phones on the table. Then, there was a discussion about the danger of the waves while your phone is in your pocket. We said to ourselves that rather than changing our habits, we had to change our underwear to be totally protected.

Then we realized that the waves were not the only problem, that today our way of life had evolved, that we lived several days in a single day and that our underwear had not evolved.

So we wanted to create anti-waves, anti-bacterial, thermoregulating and very comfortable boxers to reconcile our underwear with our lifestyle.

Revolutionizing underwear

Underwear was originally invented to improve comfort. He then evolved a lot mainly to improve hygiene.

Today we want to add a third revolution in underwear: we want our boxers to embrace our way of life, to increase our freedom and to reduce everyday doubts.

Our mission

Offer everyone the opportunity to do what they want, when they want, to the fullest.

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