Unlock a new level of healthy

Unlock a new level of healthy

Lambs apparel supports your health & wellness with advanced fabric-technology that blocks external stressors - boosting your immune system, performance, cognition and sleep.

UPF 50+

Clothing that actively supports your health

Certified to block 99% of wireless radiation from everyday technology like cellphones and WiFi.
UV Protective
Blocks over 98% of UV rays from reaching your skin - the equivalent of wearing SPF50+ sunscreen.
Circulatory Aid
The fast conductivity of silver can promote blood circulation, eliminate or significantly reduce fatigue.
Lambs SilverFlex™ kills bacteria on contact before it has the chance to reproduce.
Interwoven silver fibers naturally distribute concentrated heat on your body.
Supports Recovery
Lambs SilverFlex fibers absorb body heat energy and reflect it back to support recovery.

Reduced Stress

Sleep Better

Think Clearer

Boost Imunity

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Featured product: Beanie in black and grey.
Faraday Beanie
Two caps floating in the air above a white stone block.
A man wearing a black long sleeve.
Black boxer briefs.

Kind words from our friends

Mark Divine

“Recovery is a crucial part of Navy SEALs’ training. Wearing Lambs on a daily basis enhances my recovery and supports optimal physical health and mental toughness.”

Navy SEAL Commander, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Founder of SealFit

Mark Divine
Brett Conrad

“I wear (and advise) Lambs because it is the next generation of apparel for people to live long, healthier, and more fun lives.”

Former President of Lululemon

Brett Conrad
Dave Asprey

“I’m excited that Lambs has solved the problem of reducing oxidative stress with new technology embedded in my clothing.”

Founder of Bulletproof

Dave Asprey
Ben Greenfield

“Lambs is the first apparel that makes you healthier just by wearing it. I wear it on a daily basis, specifically during recovery time. I never travel without it.”

Fitness guru & New York Times bestselling author

Ben Greenfield

We could all use a boost

Reducing stress and feeling more refreshed can be as easy as putting on clothes in the morning - literally. Like eating organic foods or drinking filtered water, Lambs is the effortless way to boost your health-baseline.

Take our 30-day challenge

Try Lambs for 30 days and feel the difference. If you don’t see an increase in HRV or improved sleep score, it’s on us.

Best sellers

EMF-Proof Beanie
Faraday T-Shirt 2.0 (Men)
Faraday T-Shirt 2.0 (Women)
Faraday Boxer Briefs
Faraday Cap
Faraday Cheeky Brief